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MCommander v2.0

version (109 KB) by Elmar Tarajan
GUI-based all-in-one tool, like ***Commander for Dos&Win, but specifically adapted for MATLAB

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Updated 24 Oct 2002

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MCommander v2.0

- It contains a Pathbrowser with the ability to start m and p-files, load/browse mat-files, and open fig, html, jpg-files.

- It saves your individual settings (like drives or favorite directories) for subsequent MC sessions.

- You can manage the MatlabSearchpath more easily.

- It was never so easy to manage variables between/in Mat-files and the WorkSpace. It offers easy access to variables, including COPY, MOVE, COPYinSTRUCT, CLEAR, RENAME, LOAD, SAVE, and EDIT.
(like Norton Commander)

These are only some of the more important features of MCommander. It's only one file (mc.p) and uses ONLY the "built-in" functions of MATLAB.

This is my first WebRelease of MCommander! (and not the last if you support me ;)

Please write me (German, Russian, English) if you have any Problems with my Baby :)))
I'am very interested in new ideas, suggestions and opinions.

Please visit ---> or
<--- to Download. There you can find a flash-based interactive screenshot of MCommander.

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Elmar Tarajan (2021). MCommander v2.0 (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (5)

franciszek grol


Márk Horváth

Really great!

Anton Sirota

Had problems installing the program. after clicking on "install to" have no result .. somehow window size is changed from the original ..

François Bouffard

Excellent. Suggestion: should include the possibility to:
- Save a figure or a set of figures (e.g. all openned figures)
- Save a diary / history of a session's commands

Gurgen Harutyunyan

Convenient path- and file-browser,
matbrowser is really useful (great),
work in background with high stability.

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