Dual Active Bridge Modulation Demo

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Basic Controls and Modulation Techniques for Dual Active Bridges
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更新 2023/4/28

Dual Active Bridge Modulation Demo

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This is a collection of basic dual active bridge implementations that explore single phase modulation, trapezoidal and triangular modulation, as well as a three phase dual active bridge.


double click on DAB.prj

The project will automatically open a live script that guides you to the different models and the modulation app. If this does not happen, navigate to the utilities folder and open Intro.mlx.

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Requires MATLAB® release R2022b or newer


The license is available in the License.txt file in this GitHub repository.

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Joel Van Sickel (2024). Dual Active Bridge Modulation Demo (https://github.com/jvansick/Dual_Active_Bridge_Modulation_Demo/releases/tag/1.0), GitHub. 取得済み .

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