Simulation of XPN models

A set of m-functions and Simulink model to convert XPN models from PNML files to Matlab matrices and simulate it.
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更新 2023/1/24


This package contain 4 files:
MfromPNML.m is a function to convert an eXtended Petri net (XPN) model saved as Petri Net Markup Language format (PNML file) into Matlab matrices. xml2struct.m function is used.
Sched_PTOrdered_v20220824.slx is a Simulink model that uses the matrices representing the XPN model to simulate.
XPN.m is a function that creates the dynamics of the model used in the XPN block of the Simulink Model in previous file.
Example_XPN.pnml is a file with a XPN model to be used as an example to run the complete simulation process, including the conversion.


M. Alcaraz-Mejia, A. Parres-Peredo, I. Piza-Davila, L.F. Gutierrez-Preciado (2023). Simulation of XPN models (<...>), MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved January 23, 2023.

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作成: R2022a
Windows macOS Linux

ヒントを得たファイル: xml2struct

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