DHT20 Temperature and Humidity

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MATLAB + Arduino I2C DHT20 Temperature and Humidity sensor support
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Support for the latest DHT sensor: the DHT20
The DHT20 sensor is an I2C sensor and must be connected to the I2C port of the Arduino
1. First, define your Arduino in your workspace:
a = arduino('C','Nano3','Libraries',{'I2C'});
2. Then, tell MATLAB that there is a DHT20 sensor attached to it.
dht20obj = dht20(a);
3. Once you've created your sensor object, you can ask it to take temperature and humidity readings, or both:
myTemperature = readTemperature(dht20obj);
myHumidity = readHumidity(dht20obj);
myDHTSensorData = readRawSensorData(dht20obj);
% can also call it using . annotation:


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