3D Shepp-Logan Phantom

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3D extension of Matlab's phantom()

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更新 2022/11/30


A 3D extension of MATLAB's phantom function - generates a phantom consisting of an arbitrary number of ellipsoids in 3D.
Originally written by Matthias Schabel and extended by Patrick Bolan to support anisotropic phantom dimensions.
I had some memory issues while generating larger phantoms, so I improved the code's memory efficiency (using two 2D meshgrids + a for-loop instead of three 3D meshgrids). The function also supports optional command window outputs and the ability to choose the output datatype (single/double).
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作成: R2022b
Windows macOS Linux

ヒントを得たファイル: 3D Shepp-Logan phantom, 3D Shepp-Logan Phantom

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