Single Phase Grid Connected PV with Active Filtering

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Single Phase Grid connected PV, which works both as Grid tied inverter and active power filter.

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更新 2022/7/30


A single-phase grid-tied photovoltaic system, which can operate, simultaneously, as shunt active power filter andinjecting active power into the grid. The photovoltaic system is composed of DC/DC step-up (boost)converter and full-bridgeDC-AC converter, performing both reactive power compensation and harmonic currentsuppression generated by nonlinear loads.Thealgorithm adopted to obtain the current reference of the DC-ACconverter is based on the synchronous reference frame (SRF)method.P & O MPPT algorithm is used to control theboost converter and extract maximum power from the PV array.


NIAZ ALI (2022). Single Phase Grid Connected PV with Active Filtering (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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