Keyword occurance in academic papers (google scholar)

This function gets the amount of hits for a specific keyword per year, using google scholar. Inspired by
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更新 2022/5/20


List the hits for a specific acedamic keyword by year using google scholar.
Input: Search term as string, start year as number, end year as number, extrapolate 0 or 1: Extrapolates if the year is not finished yet
Example, simple search term: keyword_occurances = academic_keyword_occurance ('PIVlab',2010,2022,0)
Example, advanced search terms: keyword_occurances = academic_keyword_occurance ('("pivlab" | "piv lab") AND ("piv" | "particle image velocimetry") -""',2010,2022,0)
The function returns a list with the amount of keyword hits per year.


William Thielicke (2024). Keyword occurance in academic papers (google scholar) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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