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Nonlinear Control; NMM; Adaptive control;Code genration; Simulink; Stateflow.

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Adapative Controller under the single Neural Mass Model

Keywords: Nonlinear control; Adaptive contol; NMM; Code genration; Simulink; Stateflow

Project Introduction

The content of the project is modulation of the abnormal state of the brain under the neural mass model. the closed-loop modulation scheme is the adaptive controller which can compensate the slow time-varying system parameter. The total simulation is constructed in Simulink. Otherwise, the simulation could generate C code and deploy other hardware.

File Introductions

The file tree includes four folder and thee files. The file Adaptive.prj is a project file created by matlab 2019a and The total project consists of three folds (Script, models and resources/project). the folder image is to describe in detail the Wiki of the project.

The file role of the project is introducted as fellow.

In Script folder, there are four files. The file Single_NMM_Parameters.m defines the parameters of the plant named neural mass model. The files close_script.m and close_script.m respectively defined the execute script of the start and close of the project. And the file sl_customization.m defines new Simulink right-click menu for code generation.

In models folder, there is only one file named single_NMM_Adaptive_Controller.slx, and it's the main simulation file who detail content is shown in Wiki.

In resources/project folder, it is automatically generated by MATLAB.

The right execution is that the file Adaptive.prj should be opened, next, the file single_NMM_Adaptive_Controller.slx is executed without error. when the Adaptive.prj is executed, it will create a folder named work including two subfolder cache and codegen. The subfolders cache and codegen will respectively store files of the compile process and code generation.


mark li (2022). Adapative-Controller-under-the-single-Neural-Mass-Model (, GitHub. 取得済み .

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