AstroVolley Courseware

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Courseware to help teach students the basics of plotting and app building with MATLAB.

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AstroVolley is free courseware authored by MathWorks® to help teach students the basics of plotting and app building with MATLAB®. During this course students will create their own astrodynamics game where navigators attempt to deliver payloads between star cruisers by volleying them through fantastical gravity fields.
Course Lesson Plan (~1 hour each)
Installing and Playing AstroVolley
  • Plotting Ships (Triangles)
  • Plotting Gravitational Bodies (Circles)
  • Gravity and Orbits
  • Launching Volleys:
  • Creating a Mission Map Function
  • Plotting Velocity Vectors (quiver)
  • Animating Trajectories (comet)
App Building (with App Designer)
  • UIAxes, Properties, and Functions
  • Sliders and Value Changing Callbacks
  • Push Button Callbacks
  • Generating Random Maps
  • Keeping Score
Please see the AstroVolley Instructor Guide for more details. The Instructor Guide is included in the package or can be viewed on GitHub.


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