str2number - Fast replacement for str2num and str2double

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Fast replacement for str2num and str2double; converts simple scalar input string(s) to number(s)

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str2number - Fast replacement for str2num and str2double; convert input string(s) to number(s)
result = str2number(str) % a single char/string input value
results = str2number(cellStrs) % cell-array of input char/string values
str2number converts char/string input value(s) to their numeric value(s).
This function can be much faster than str2num/str2double/sscanf for the common cases of simple numeric values. However, str2number cannot handle complex/imaginary values, exponents, and non-scalar values (as opposed to cell-arrays of scalar values, that are accepted). If you expect such non-supported values as inputs, then use str2num/str2double instead.
The input str argument can be a char array ('12.3'), or a string ("12.3"), or a cell array of chars/strings. The period ('.') is the expected decimal point.
The conversion result is a numeric value in case the input(s) can be converted into a numeric value. If an input cannot be converted into a number, then the original string is returned, like the builtin str2num function, and unlike the builtin str2double function (which returns NaN for unconvertable input values).
IMPORTANT: str2number was optimized for best performance, and often works faster than str2num/str2double/sscanf, but it only works for scalar non-complex, non-exponent values! See limitations below for details.
Limitations and differences compared to str2num/str2double:
- Inputs with a decimal sign different than a period ('.') are not converted
- Inputs with a thousands seperators (, or ' or .) are not converted
- Exponents (e.g. '1.2e3') are not converted
- Complex/imaginary values (e.g. '1+2i') are not converted
- Non-scalar values (e.g. '1,2' or '12 13') are not converted (but a cell-array of scalar values is acceptable)
- The original input string is returned if it cannot be converted into a number, unlike str2double (which returns NaN)
- Cell-arrays of chars and strings are accepted, unlike str2num
- String arrays are not accepted ; use str2double or convert to cell array
Usage examples:
str2number('12.34') % => [12.34] % scalar input value (char array)
str2number("12.34") % => [12.34] % scalar input value (string)
str2number('12,34') % => '12,34' % comma is not supported
str2number("1'234") % => "12'34" % thousands seperator is not supported
str2number('1.2e3') % => '1.2e3' % exponents are not supported
str2number('12+3i') % => '12+3i' % complex values are not supported
str2number('12 34') % => '12 34' % non-scalars are not supported
str2number({'12','34'}) % => {12,34} % cell-array of input values
str2number({'12','34','ab'}) % => {12,34,'ab'} % cell-array of input values
Bugs and suggestions:
Please send to Yair Altman (altmany at gmail dot com)
See also:
str2num, str2double, sscanf


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