SCS Unit Hydrograph Convolution

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Hydrograph Generation and Analysis Tool

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SCS Unit Hydrograph Convolution is a runoff hydrograph generation and analysis tool with an intended audience of civil engineering students and faculty. The application supports tabular, triangular, and gamma distribution unit hydrographs with basic plotting and reporting capabilities. Code runs in student versions 5.3 (R11), 6.0 (R12), and 6.5 (R13) on Windows 2k and XP.

HYDROGRAPHUI   will invoke a graphical user interface.

Metric units may be selected from the File Menu.

Package contains hydrograph function and graphical user interface with sample shortcuts, icons, help files, unit hydrographs, rainfall distributions, basin data, and reports. See manifest.txt.


Tom Davis (2022). SCS Unit Hydrograph Convolution (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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