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Plug-in substitute for findpeaks(). Uses parabolas to interpolate to estimate "true" peaks.
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更新 2021/12/11


findpeaksInterp(): Estimate peaks by parabolic interpolation. Finds the parabola passing through each peak found by findpeaks() and the two neighboring points. Returns the x,y coordinates of the vertices of the parabolas.
[pksInt,locsInt] = findpeaksInterp(data)
[pksInt,locsInt] = findpeaksInterp(data,Fs)
[pksInt,locsInt] = findpeaksInterp(___,Name,Value)
Returns pksInt =y-coordinates of peak estimates, and locsInt=x-coordinates of peak estimates. If positive scalar Fs is passed as an input, then the x-values are calculated using an assumed sampling rate of Fs, and it is assumed that the first point in vector data() is at x=0. Accepts and passes through up to three Name,Value pairs to findpeaks().
Calls built-in function findpeaks(), and calls parabolavertex3p(), supplied with this upload. See findPeaksInterpTest.m for demonstration and test.
W. Rose 2021-12-10.


William Rose (2024). findpeaksInterp (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 取得済み .

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Changed description only, to indicate that finpeaksInterp() returns multiple peaks, not just one peak.