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Santosh Kasula
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How easy is it to solve this Cody problem?

Santosh Kasula 2021 4 月 26 (編集済み 2021 4 月 26)
最新アクティビティ Santosh Kasula さんによって 2021 7 月 21 に 返信

We introduced Difficulty Rating functionality during 2020 Cody Contest. Our Cody players have provided difficulty rating for most of the problems. Now we are displaying the ratings in the Problems list view.

Sorting and Filtering to follow...

Mohammed Majid Msallam
Mohammed Majid Msallam 2021 7 月 13

Thank you very much for this post!

Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith 2021 6 月 20

Thank you very much for this post!

Qaiser khan Bozdar
Qaiser khan Bozdar 2021 5 月 4

Matlab Cody provide better scale for testing MATLAB skills, you should provide an easy statement on problems that you include in Cody. The following statement I barely understand. I am not asking for myself but I want the Cody questions must be basic Mathematics and Science oriented.

Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi 2021 5 月 5

The question in the screenshot you put involves some of the most basic mathematics and has quite a simple problem statement.

Also, questions on Cody are put by users (like you, me or anyone else), if you feel that you have difficulty understanding a question, you can always ask in the comments.

Rik 2021 4 月 26

Are there plans to curate a list of the hardest problems? If not, that would be my suggestion.

Nice to see Cody get some attention. I have the feeling this is a recent development, and I must say I like the direction.

Santosh Kasula
Santosh Kasula 2021 7 月 21

@Rik, we just released couple of more updates to sort and filter based on the difficulty level.

Santosh Kasula
Santosh Kasula 2021 4 月 26 (編集済み 2021 4 月 26)

We are working on providing more options to sort and filter based on Easy/Medium/Hard rating.

Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi 2021 4 月 26

There's a group from the 5th Anniversary contest, Cody5:Hard, you can check that out. Apart from that, I will look in for more recent harder problems as per the ratings, and will create a group accordingly.



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