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@Mentions are now supported

David 2021 1 月 25 (編集済み 2021 1 月 25)
最新アクティビティ Saud Alfalasi さんによって 2021 2 月 23 に 返信

MATLAB Answers will now properly handle the use of the '*@*' character when you want to get someone's attention. This behavior is commonly referred to as 'mentioning' or 'tagging' someone and is a feature found in most communication apps.

Why we are doing this

To help with communication and potentially speed up conversations. Also, it turns out many of you have been typing the @ character in Answers already, even though the MATLAB Answers site didn't behave in the expected way.

How it works

Once you type the @ character a popup will appear listing the community members already in the Q/A thread, as you keep typing the list will expand to include members not in the thread. A mentioned user will receive a notification when the question/answer/comment is posted. Each mention in the Q/A thread will have a new visual style and link to the user profile for that community member.

If you don't want to get 'mentioned' you can turn off the setting in your communication preferences located on your profile page .

We hope you will find this feature helpful and as always please reply with any feedback you may have.

Saud Alfalasi
Saud Alfalasi 2021 2 月 23

Hi David, this is a great implementation. Thank you

Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler 2021 2 月 9

How will I be notified of the mention? Is there a bell or notification area on MATLAB Central?

David 2021 2 月 10

You will receive a notification by email, unless you turn off the relevant setting which can be found on your community profile page. Additionally, all mentions appear on your activity feed on your community profile page.

Rik 2021 1 月 25

Very useful feature. This way it is also possible to get the attention of people posting a comment in a flag. I hope this will stay on by default, unlike what happened with the 'send an email' feature (which seems to be opt-in nowadays).

Just a side note: the link to the profile page is broken (it also doesn't lead to the notification settings directly).

David 2021 1 月 25

Thanks Rik, I fixed the broken link issue.



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