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2020 Annual Contributor Awards

David 2021 1 月 6 (編集済み 2021 1 月 14)
最新アクティビティ Mehmed Saad さんによって 2021 1 月 21 に 返信

Ameer Hamza had a great 2020 and has been awarded the coveted MOST ACCEPTED answers badge for all his contributions in MATLAB Answers this past year. Ameer joins Walter Roberson and Image Analyst in receiving this award going all the way back to 2012!

There are 10 community members who have achieved the Top Downloads badge for their popular File Exchange submissions in 2020. Do you recognize any of these names? There's a good chance you've used one or more of their toolboxes or scripts in your work if you're a frequent visitor to File Exchange, if you're not you might want to check out what they've posted, it may save you a lot of time writing your own code.

--------------------- Top Downloads Badge Winners -----------------

Congratulations to all these winners and a giant THANK YOU for all they've done this past year to help everyone in the MATLAB Central community!

Mehmed Saad
Mehmed Saad 2021 1 月 21

Congrats Ameer.

Waseem AL Aqqad
Waseem AL Aqqad 2021 1 月 19 (編集済み 2021 1 月 19)

Congratulations, Mr. Hamza. Thanks all for your continuous support.

Sadiq Akbar
Sadiq Akbar 2021 1 月 14

Many many congratulations to Ameer Hamza. Also congrates to Walter Roberson and Image Analyst. May they continue their help in future also as one needs them severely when one is stuck in programming trouble.

Holo Kambire
Holo Kambire 2021 1 月 7

| | Félicitations à tous nos gagnants et un grand MERCI||



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