Problem 58493. ICFP 2022 - Initial to Goal image using block remapping

The ICFP2023 Challenge is Jul 7-10. Start is 0500 PT 7/7/23, Registraion is open. Posted 7/5/23. Updates at TwitICFP2023. These contests are insanely complicated and competitive. The challenge evolves every 12 hours with new files and rule updates.
The ICFP2022 HomePage has details of the RoboPaint contest. Twit2022, WriteUps, PriorEvents, Spec, ImageSubmissions, Puzzles, SawickiSolutions are useful links. .
This Challenge is to move the blocks in GI to minimze the error between GI and G based upon RGB distance. The contest had these Initial files but the leaders did not use due to the high Cost for moving small regions. Assuming a low cost remap function this is to find the optimal image score using GI blocks. For Starry Night, 28.png, best score found is 41141 using Robust Hill Climbing where all swaps tried and only the best improvement is implemented. Greedy would start at index 1 and find min error then index 2 would look only from 2 thru N. Max error index swaps to minimize its index error. Many methods are possible. Hill Climbing using the block medians is fast, easily coded, and scores well. Greedy is easiest code.
Input: G-goal image,GI-initial image blocked, irc-row/col for each block, rgbGmed-median of Goal image block, rgbGI-block rgb values, v- remapping of GI blocks, scrmax-max allowed of Score(G,GI(remapped))
Output: v, [N,1] remapping GI([1:N]) to GI(v([1:N])

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