Problem 371. Decimal Comparison


A utility of particular interest to Cody and other MATLAB ventures is comparing the equality of two numbers. In computing, numbers can be stored in a number of ways, but they all share the trait of being stored as a binary number. As such, the equals operator in MATLAB is checking the bits of one stored number against the bits of another stored number. In this problem, I ask that we move away from this binary representation and comparison of numbers back into the decimal domain.


Write a function that takes a character input that represents a number that we wish to compare against, n1, and a double input that represents the other number, n2. Output true if the numbers are equal to the precision of n1.


    n1 = '12.3456'
    n2 = 12.3456
    output = true
    n1 = '12.34567432'
    n2 = 12.3456
    output = false

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