Problem 1533. Criss-Cross Verification: NHL

This Challenge is to verify a Criss-Cross matrix has no invalid words,contains all of the word set, and all are simply connected (Up/Down/Left/Right). Separation, UDLR, must exist between non-intersecting words. Diagonal is considered separate.

The word set is a cell array. The matrix is an array of Char with spaces being represented by '`', char(96), which is under the tilde on my keyboard.



dict={'abcd' 'cag'}

Output: Validity (1 for Valid, 0 for Invalid)

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This Challenge is derived from GAMES August 2013 Contest "On the Ice" to fit all NHL Team names into a minimum area grid using the Criss-Cross rules. Current Best solution is 19x19, 6/3/2013. Contest ends 8/31/2013.

1) Create an NHL Criss-Cross (Score by Area)

2) Complete a Criss-Cross

3) Create a Criss-Cross dictionary from a matrix

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Last Solution submitted on Dec 05, 2018

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