Save a matrix to Image and then extract the same matrix from Image

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Fareed Jamali
Fareed Jamali 2021 年 5 月 28 日
Greetings everyone.
Above is the link from which I am trying to implement a process. I want to convert stft magnitude of audio to spectrogram and from the spectrogram, I want to regenerate the stft magnitude of audio. Saving the stft magnitude of audio in the spectrogram is easy through imwrite command but I can not recreate the same matrix when I try to convert the spectrogram back to audio. Not sure where I am missing some crucial information that is required to implement this process. Attaching the audio2 file for reference. Audio is attached as a zip file due to file sharing format restrictions. Any help will be highly appreciated.
clear all
close all
sound(y,Fs) %To hear the sound
ty = (0:length(y)-1)/Fs;
wind = hamming(128);
olen = 64;
nfft = 1024;

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