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Adding Delay/Jitter to TCP/IP protocol

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Bandar 2021 年 5 月 22 日
コメント済み: Bandar 2021 年 5 月 27 日
I have two Matlab sessions opened. I can send adn recieve data via tcpserver/tcpclient. I would like to emulate network delay/jitter for this application. I see options only in Simulink but I need it as functions in my script. Any suggestions? I'm using Matlab 2021a version.

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Uday Pradhan
Uday Pradhan 2021 年 5 月 24 日
If you want to mimic the behaviour of Simulink blocks using a MATLAB script, it might be helpful to look at the underlying S-function of the concerned block. To do this, right-click the Simulink block (in this case it might be the TCP Send or Recieve block), select the "Block Paramerters" option. This should open a dialog box with the name of the underlying S-function (say "sfcn.m"). Now, you can open the S-function and check how the functionalities have been implemented using
edit sfcn.m
in the MATLAB command line. I hope this helps you!
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Bandar 2021 年 5 月 27 日
I can't find this function in Matlab 2021a.






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