Text in legend is writton over each other. Legend only has one row instad of three. Also wrong default placing of axis tiltes.

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Hi guys,
I use MATLAB R2021a and I have a figure with a legend, using interpreter 'tex'. Often, not always which is weird, the three rows of the legend are written all over each other in one row instead of written in three separate rows. When this problem occurs, the default placing of the axis titles is written through the axis numbers. Is there a fix for this?
See the attached picture for an example.
My code to show the legend is as follows:
legend('Exit times (s)','Modelled ET (s) with FS_{EdgeofRamp} = 1041','Modelled ET (s) with FS_{EdgeofRamp} = 869','location',"southwest",'interpreter','tex')
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Mike Mierlo van
Mike Mierlo van 2021 年 4 月 26 日
Well... I guess there is a bug in the r2021a for online use. Sometimes I get the same result as you have, sometimes the legend is messed up.


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