I'm very new in Matlab, i need help please about Reduce order model using Craig-Bamptom Method (or superelement)

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Dear All,
I folllowed this exemple which is about Flexible Body Models in Simscape Multibody, i want to do the same analysis using simple wing structure instead of simple beam, so i strated with Lumped Parameter Mehod and i did it well. I'm currently discontinued in the second method (finite element method) and exactly in reduced mass and stiffness matrices by Craig-Bamptom Method.
1- I did a modal analysis in ansys workbench and get stiffness and mass matrices (2286x2286 double) as a txt. format following the steps of the exemple
2- Using code matlab to extract relevant variables from string.
3- Now, I'm currently discontinued in reduce order model, and i need help please!!

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