getting error using discrete transfer function

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Aniket 2013 年 6 月 7 日
Hello ,
I want to implement notch filter using discrete transfer function block using simulink...
for this i have take example from mathworks
ST0 = slTunable('new22',{'NOTCH'});
wn = realp('wn',300);
zeta1 = realp('zeta1',1); zeta1.Maximum = 1; % zeta1 <= 1
zeta2 = realp('zeta2',1); zeta2.Maximum = 1; % zeta2 <= 1
N = tf([1 2*zeta1*wn wn^2],[1 2*zeta2*wn wn^2]); % tunable notch filter
but i am getting error when i am associating these parameters to block
what is the error means
"The sample time after propagation is [0, 1]. Enter a discrete sample time in 'new22/NOTCH'"
where should i enter discrete sample time ?

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