Run a script in each subfolders and extract results for each subfolders in another folder

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I have a 'folder' which contains several subfolders for each sea wave height and period :
-subfolder(1:n) : 'Hs(0.25:0.5:5.25) Tp(2.5:1:9.5)'
example: subfolder(1) : 'Hs(0:25) Tp(2.5)'
subfolder(4) : 'Hs(0.75) Tp(2.5)'
subfolder(7): 'Hs(1.25) Tp(3.5)'
subfolder(8) : 'Hs(1.25) Tp(4.5)'
subfolder(11) : 'Hs(1.25) Tp(9.5)'
subfolder(end): 'Hs(5.25) Tp(9.5)'
I have several subfolders which are the combination between different Hs and different Tp. In each subfolder there is a 'file.mat'. I have to run the same matlab code in each subfolder to extract results from 'file.mat' and save them in another folder.
I would like to get in each subfolder through a code which can distinguish the several Hs and Tp cases (double for cycle) and run a code in order to extract results from 'file.mat' and extrapolate data in another folder.
Please help, I am a beginner.


Jan 2021 年 2 月 27 日
FileList = dir(fullfile(Folder, '**', 'file.mat'));
for iFile = 1:numel(FileList)
SubFolder = FileList(iFile).folder;
Data = load(fullfile(Folder, FileList(iFile).name));
... Run your code with this data

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