How to start Header from a later page?

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John 2020 年 10 月 8 日
コメント済み: John 2020 年 10 月 9 日
Using mlreportgen.dom.PDFPageHeader to generate the header, works fine.
However, the first two pages are different and don't need the header.
How to start Header from page 3 or a later page?


Rahul Singhal
Rahul Singhal 2020 年 10 月 9 日
Hi John,
For a PDF Page layout, you can define upto 3 types of page headers: one for first page, one for even pages, and one for odd pages. See
PDFPageHeader class has a PageType property which defines the type of pages that header appears on.
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John 2020 年 10 月 9 日
Thank you, Rahul!
By editing my existing script which has slightly different style, I learned more about the pagelayout, margin, footer, header, etc...
Thanks again!


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