How to smooth a contour plot using the low pass filter

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TAPAS 2020 年 4 月 28 日
回答済み: Bjorn Gustavsson 2020 年 4 月 29 日
Here I am attaching a data and the code I wrote to make a contour plot.Now I want to make the contour plot smooth using a low pass filter.Can you please make the data pass through a low pass filter and smooth the contour? ?

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Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson 2020 年 4 月 29 日
Since your narrow structure is slant relative to your grid this will be difficult. The TriScatteredInterp with the 'natural' method gave better results. For filtering of the contour-lines care has to be taken - it is not a given that the most naively filtered contourlines will not cross. There is a contour-line-smoother at the file exchange:


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