How to hide text in axes?

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han han
han han 2020 年 3 月 14 日
コメント済み: Ahmed Anas 2020 年 3 月 14 日
How to hide text in axes.
This is my code,and it doesn't hide the a1 in checkbox.
I want to change the state of the text through the checkbox, but obviously it can't do it. What should i do?
function checkbox3_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles)
[Nodelocation] = textread('observe/mdNodeLocationXY_axisforGUI2.txt');
WISETEST = fopen('observe/mdNodeLocationXY_axisforGUI2.txt', 'rt');
out = textscan(WISETEST, '%s', 'Delimiter',{' '});
checkbox3_value = get(handles.checkbox3, 'Value');
ab = out{1}(1:end);
a1= length(str2double(ab))/6;
a = [0:a1-1]';
b = num2str(a); c = cellstr(b);
a1 = text(Nodelocation(:,2), Nodelocation(:,3), c);
if checkbox3_value == 1
set(a1, 'Visible', 'on')
elseif checkbox3_value == 0
set(a1, 'Visible', 'off')
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han han
han han 2020 年 3 月 14 日
This way nothing has changed :(
Ahmed Anas
Ahmed Anas 2020 年 3 月 14 日
It is showing you the text or not? you are getting errors while hiding this, am i right?


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