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Error using function "drawassisted"

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xi 2019 年 10 月 7 日
コメント済み: xi 2019 年 10 月 11 日
I copy and paste the example code below and got errors when testing drawassisted. Any ideas?
im = imread('peppers.png');
h = drawassisted;
Dot indexing is not supported for variables of this type.
Error in rescale
Error in images.roi.AssistedFreehand.recomputeAssistance
Error in images.roi.AssistedFreehand.prepareForAssistedFreehand
Error in images.roi.AssistedFreehand/set.Image
Error in images.roi.AssistedFreehand/setAndCheckImage
Error in drawassisted (line 209)

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Siriniharika Katukam
Siriniharika Katukam 2019 年 10 月 11 日
Can I know which update of R2019a you are using?
xi 2019 年 10 月 11 日
version = ' (R2019a) Update 2'
Thanks for looking into this!
xi 2019 年 10 月 11 日
Hi Siriniharika,
Thanks for you time! I find out the reason. There is another "rescale.m" that overrides.
I installed a software written in matlab, which added its own folder to the matlab path, where the new rescale.m belongs too. It overrides!

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