selecting columns with certain time period and placing in new array

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Sophie Stringer
Sophie Stringer 2019 年 8 月 19 日
コメント済み: Bob Thompson 2019 年 8 月 20 日
Hi there,
I have a data file ranging from 1974 to 2019 and I would like to select the data that corresponds to the period 2003/01/01 to 2009/12/31 and create another array (not sure if thats the right term).
Currently column 1,2 & 3 indicate year, month and day. But preferably would want to put this into a datenum() and create a serial date number.
If anyone has any idea how to this, any help would be greatly appreciated. I've attached the matlab file.
Kind regards,

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Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson 2019 年 8 月 19 日
In general, I would make an effort to extract the data using logic indexing. You can certainly convert the mdy into a datetime variable, but if you're looking to sort by each year it is not necessary.
I have not looked at your attached file (it's a limitation on my end), so the specific designations are probably off in the example. Adjust as needed.
data = mjo_data(mjo_data(:,1)==[2003:2009],:);
time = datetime(data(:,1:3))
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Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson 2019 年 8 月 20 日
The error was likely because it was trying to find elements which matched the entire array, which is a logic error on my part. Your alternative solution would be correct.





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