why there is a warning if my data store memory is only used in a task?

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Xu Liu
Xu Liu 2019 年 7 月 15 日
Hi everyone,
i use data store memory to store my global variebles, and change it in my stataflow model , and there is a warinning information :
The block 'Double3_SIC_122kw_335_V1_2_t_20190715/ad7981_voltage/AD7981' is writing to element 1 of the data store 'Double3_SIC_122kw_335_V1_2_t_20190715/CLK' but the block 'Double3_SIC_122kw_335_V1_2_t_20190715/ad7981_voltage/AD7981' has already written to this memory at time 0.003. For performance reasons, occurrences of this diagnostic for this memory at other simulation time steps will be suppressed.
I know that when different task with different sampling rate use a data store memory, there will be a warining or err (depending on my set),the quesition is that now in my modle there is just a taks uses it, why the warning happen?what's more work i need to consider?

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