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Deploy for windows 32-bit from a 64-bit computer

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Petter 2011 年 4 月 3 日
コメント済み: Walter Roberson 2019 年 10 月 9 日
I am deploying a small application. I am creating the installation file from a Windows 64-but computer.
When the user tries to install the program on a 32-bit computer it gives an error messages about wrong processor type. How can I create a 32-bit installation package? I don't have access to a 32-bit computer.


Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind 2011 年 4 月 4 日
As of R2010b, it is possible to compile 32-bit Windows applications using MATLAB on a 64-bit machine. See the -win32 option on the mcc documentation page. Note that you also need to install 32-bit MATLAB.
Even if you are using an older version, you could try getting 32-bit version of MATLAB on your 64-bit machine and compile using that. Although this was not officially supported, several users have been able to have this working in the past.
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Quan YUAN 2013 年 6 月 10 日
OK. I found that for 2012b, I can just build the 32-bit exe from an installed 32-bit Matlab on a 64bit Windows machine. The 32bit exe seems to work fine on a 32-bit windows machine.


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jiro 2011 年 4 月 3 日
If you don't have access to a 32-bit computer, that's a problem. You need to run through the deployment process on the same platform as your end user's machine.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2011 年 4 月 3 日
Jiro's answer is the documented and supported one. I could make some half-hearted speculations about the technology, but I really don't know; I do know, that, that the documentation says specifically that cross-compiling is not supported.


David 2014 年 3 月 27 日
Use the deploytool option -win32. Make sure to use the same MATLAB installation root (matlabroot) for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of MATLAB and run from a Windows command line (not a MATLAB command line). See the documentation page for more.
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Peter de Peinder
Peter de Peinder 2015 年 2 月 17 日
I fully agree with you Robert. Not happy for such a price....


hans 2011 年 4 月 4 日
You can use "Windows Virtual PC". It generates a 32bit Windows XP environment and you can run any 32 bit applications in it. So if you also are have a 32 bit MATLAB version you can generate and try 32bit MATLAB programs on a 64bit Windows system.

Padman Patel
Padman Patel 2019 年 10 月 4 日
Hello, In my pc have installed 2017b and after build model , dll is generating in 64bit, could you help how I can generate 32bit dll. My PC have window2010 OD
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2019 年 10 月 9 日
If you were using Simulink Real Time then that can generate for 32 bit, but dll support is strictly 64 as far as I understand.


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