Cannot receive CANBUS messages (Vehicle Network Toolbox), but am able to send

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Tore Kanstad
Tore Kanstad 2019 年 5 月 16 日
I can send messages from Simulink onto the CAN Bus, but I cannot receive them. I can see that the CAN Recieve block creates function calls and thus gets the messages, but the CAN Unpack block does not give anything on the output ports (all zeros).
I've set it to accept all identifiers.
I have also tried using "The Vehicle CAN Bus Monitor" / canTool() and code examples.
rxCh = canChannel("PEAK-System","PCAN_USBBUS1");
rxMsgs1 = receive(rxCh, Inf, 'OutputFormat', 'timetable')
Or the "demoVNT_BasicCAN.m" example with my channel as receiving.
I can receive the messages on Busmaster or PCAN-View, but not any of Matworks software.

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