Question on Matlab m_map with interrupted mollweide projection

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Leon 2019 年 3 月 26 日
編集済み: Leon 2019 年 3 月 26 日
I'm trying to plot a global distribution map using the interrupted mollweide projection of M_map.
Anyone knows why I only get the plot on North Pacific? Below is my code and you can find a picture of my plot in this link:
Many thanks!
% In order to see all the maps we must undo the axis limits set by m_grid calls:
Slongs=[-100 43;-75 20; 20 145;43 100;145 295;100 295];
Slats= [ 0 90;-90 0;-90 0; 0 90;-90 0; 0 90];
for l=1:6,
m_coast('patch',[.6 .6 .6]);
hold on;
[C1, h1] = m_contourf (X, Y, Z, [0:0.005:8], 'LineStyle', 'none' );

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