The Harmonic Frequencies Estimation

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Amjad Iqbal
Amjad Iqbal 2019 年 3 月 20 日
I am working to drone sound detetion. in order to distinguish drone, ifferent fundamental frequencies can potentially used.
I need to find Harmonics frequencies in my data set as its most part consists of drone sound.
I studied one algortihm but its very complex to implement after designing its function.
Kindly guide me i need your help in this regards.
function f=fre_harmonic(s,fl,fr,ft,N, NN,fs)
%fs: sampling frequency 32000; N = 5, s = sound of drone data in frames with 50% overlapping.
FFT_s=abs(fft(s, N));
fl1=ceil(fl*fs/N); %Transform Frequency to Points + inf
fr1=floor(fr*fs/N); %Transform Frequency to Points - inf
for n=2:NN
freqency harmonics.JPG

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