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how to estimate summed area table for a color image??

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ghada sandoub
ghada sandoub 2019 年 3 月 6 日
A summed area table is a data structure and algorithm for quickly and efficiently generating the sum of values in a rectangular subset of a grid.
For a 2D space a summed area table can be generated by iterating x,y over the desired range,
I(x,y) = i(x,y) + I(x-1,y) + I(x,y-1) - I(x-1,y-1)
And the query function for a rectangle corners A(top-left), B(top-right), C(bottom-right), D can be given by:-
I(C) + I(A) - I(B) - I(D)
I need to calculate summed area table for color image(i.e. it's needed to calculate summed area table for each color channel independently) as the following equation:
. Then i need to estimate a weighting map from the summed area table with the following equation:
Does any one know how to do this in Matlab??

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