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opening 5D netcdf array

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Yasmin Samy
Yasmin Samy 2019 年 2 月 4 日
Edited: Yasmin Samy 2019 年 2 月 4 日
Hello all,
So i have this netcdf file that is a 5D array (longitude,latitude,level, bin, time). I was using ncread to open the 5D array but i have a specific long and lat where i want to extract a 3D array (level, bin, time).....displaying it as (level,time) as y and x and bin as z.
I`d be happy to further clarify the question.
%no. of vertical levels
ltop = 30
%no. of bins
%reading the variables
%Enter station details
la =80.054;
lo = -86.417;
stn = 'PL_May';
%find the index for the values of la and lo
% [minValue,closestIndex]
[~,I2]=min(abs(lon-lo)); % these two lines are to find the index of the closest values to the specified lon and lat...let me know if there is a better way
%reading the variables
aeroNum = ncread(source,'aNum');
a=aNum(lo,la,:,:,:) %this line didn`t work - i get another 5D array

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