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I am making goal position on matlab by the help of cursor. Like every time when code runs the position of target is different. Now my question is how can I get the location of that goal so that I can use it for calculating distance. The code

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faiza gul
faiza gul 2018 年 9 月 4 日
h=msgbox('Please Select the Target using the Left Mouse button'); uiwait(h,5); if ishandle(h) == 1 delete(h); end xlabel('Please Select the Target using the Left Mouse button','Color','black'); but=0; while (but ~= 1) %Repeat until the Left button is not clicked [xval,yval,but]=ginput(1); end xval=floor(xval); yval=floor(yval); xTarget=xval; %X Coordinate of the goal yTarget=yval; %Y Coordinate of the goal

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