How to save each iteration of a loop into the same sheet of an Excel spreadsheet using a mac and the function Mac OSX friendly function xlwrite

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How I am trying to write the outputs of each iteration of each loop to the same spreadsheet but in different sheets.
Thus if i have 5 iterations, I want the output of the same iteration to be saved to sheet1, the output o the second iteration . be saved to sheet2.....etc..etc
Note I am using a macbook, and this a custom function called xlwrite which works on a mac osx system.


Madeline Gardner
Madeline Gardner 2018 年 7 月 3 日
Assuming that xlwrite supports the same syntax as xlswrite, which I believe it does, then you can include a third parameter in your function call to identify which sheet in the spreadsheet you would like to write to. This parameter can be a string, but it can also be an integer representing the index of the sheet, which is very convenient when writing to a spreadsheet in a for loop.
Your code will likely follow this general form, though with your own file and variable names:
for i = 1:5
xlwrite('excelTest', M(:, i), i)
Hope that helps!

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