Change histogram legend marker [R2017b]

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TJ 2018 年 1 月 16 日
I have plotted a histogram and some horizontal limit lines.
When I run the code
[lgd, lObjs] = legend(voltageHist, ['File: ',file],'90 kV','100 kV', 'Location','southoutside','Orientation','horizontal');
my marker for the File string disappears. If I run the line :
lgd = legend(voltageHist, ['File: ',file],'90 kV','100 kV', 'Location','southoutside','Orientation','horizontal');
all works as expected. It seems second return value is creating the problem of the marker disappearing. I would like to change the legend marker to a line and not a box. The box that was there in the second scenari is shown below:
I cannot manage to change the marker and the presentation is important in this case.
Any help would be appreciated.
Kind regards, TJ

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