How to write a script that is the same as the function rem (remainder)?

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Anita Luo
Anita Luo 2017 年 3 月 5 日
回答済み: Sindhu Priya 2017 年 3 月 8 日
Hi I have a project that needs me to write a script that returns the number of remainders given sets of numerators and denominators. Is there any hints to what I should consider as a whole or when using the commands (for, if, while)?

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Sindhu Priya
Sindhu Priya 2017 年 3 月 8 日
If the use case is to get the reminders for the set of numerators with each element from the set of denominator, then using any loop will suffice the requirement.
The reminders obtained can be stored in a matrix to return.


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