Exercise 2: Sampling theorem

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Leonardo Wayne
Leonardo Wayne 2016 年 12 月 5 日
We have an analogue signal: x(t) = cos(2*pi*500*t) + 3* cos(2*pi*1000*t)
1) Write a programme to display the sampled signal and the spectrum of the signal?
2) Display the signal in the time and frequency domains if the sampling frequency is 1.5 KHz. Comments on the observations.
Is the following code correct for section 1? clc;clear;close all; fs = 10 *10^3; % sampling frequency t=0:1/fs:5/fc; x = cos(2*pi*500*t) + 3*cos(2*pi*1000*t); % signal function % (i) display sampled signal plot(t,x)

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