meshing outside of geometry

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Vitaly Kheyfets
Vitaly Kheyfets 2016 年 9 月 9 日
I am trying to develop a mesh of a 3d geometry (attached). I am successfully importing the geometry, applying boundary conditions, and solving an Elliptic PDE. However, I am noticing that the created mesh has coordinates outside of my surface boundaries. For example, there is a node at coordinate: -0.0313952602446079, 0.499013364315033, 1, but that's outside of the faces of the 3D model.
Here are the commands used to generate the mesh.
model1 = createpde; importGeometry(model1,'BasicLVModel.stl'); FE_MESH = generateMesh(model1);
However, FE_MESH.Nodes has a point outside the physical boundaries of the model.
What could be causing this?

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