Problem with GUI resolution issues.

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Bharath 2016 年 2 月 13 日
コメント済み: Bharath 2016 年 2 月 18 日
I wrote a program to build my GUI. I used character as my units for all the panels,uicontrols and the main GUI figure too. I fixed the GUI to some size and deactivated the resize option. Now when I run the GUI on projector and other display monitors I get a completely misaligned GUI window. However, it works good in my current display. After reading the MATLAB documentation I was of the impression that using character units is useful for non-resizable GUI window.In my case this doesn't seem to work. Could someone help me with the problem.? Thanks in advance.
Screenshot of GUI in my monitor
Screenshot of GUI in other monitor of high resolution ( Don't remember the monitor resolution)

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sam0037 2016 年 2 月 17 日
If you consider using UNITS as NORMALIZED rather than CHARACTERS then this should resolve the issue. Also, do not deactivate the RESIZE option.
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Bharath 2016 年 2 月 18 日
I did try this option in the very beginning. Using normalized units making my text appear wierd. So I prefered using the characters after reading the MATLAB documentation where it says, charcater units are good for non-resizebale windows.



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