Control Servo Motor

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Onur Öçalan
Onur Öçalan 2011 年 12 月 17 日
回答済み: Bhuvnesh Rathor 2020 年 8 月 17 日
I have one servo motor and the NI USB-6008 DAQ device. I would like to control the servo motor with Matlab . How can I do that?

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Manikandan 2015 年 11 月 10 日
use analog output from the real time windows target tool box and select your DAQ via USB. then generate analog output voltage to control your servo motor.

Bhuvnesh Rathor
Bhuvnesh Rathor 2020 年 8 月 17 日
Servo Motor are likewise called Control motors and utilized in feedback control systems as yield actuators. Its newer use for continuous energy transmission or conversion. The standard of the Servo motor is like that of the other electromagnetic motor, yet the development and the activity are extraordinary.


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