is that really necessary to measure and put the weakness of the thesis if it is not scope of the work?

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I'm now working on cryptography by using MATLAB and now I am doing the analysis of the work. when I am doing the anaysis the execution time and memory consumption of the proposed algorithm is worest that the base algorithm. Actually my scope is on the security part not on time and space. I measure my algorithm with security metrics and it is good but no on time and space complexity. So, should I put the time and space complexity weakness of my proposed algorithm on the thesis document even if it is not my scope? is that mandatory to incorporate it?


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2023 年 2 月 2 日
This is not a MATLAB question, so it isn't really appropriate here.
In my opinion, the answer is Yes, you need to discuss performance. It is common for improved security to come at the cost of increased cost.
Part of your thesis should be to analyze the big-O implementation cost for the base algorithm and for the improved algorithm. You would do that in order to show that the improved algorithm is somehow inherently slower, and by what rate. That would help satisfy the question of whether the problem is not the algorithm itself but rather your implementation skills -- could someone with different MATLAB experience potentially create significantly faster code? If the more secure algorithm were implemented in ASIC then how much slower would it be compared to the base algorithm.
How much you analyze might depend upon whether you are analyzing an existing security enhancement or if you are proposing your own enhancement. If it is your own enhancement then you should definitely include computation cost analysis. If you are analyzing something someone else has proposed and they already worked out costs then it is pointless for you to do that. If you are analyzing something someone else has proposed and they did not already work out costs, then cost analysis would be optional, but if the algorithm does turn out to be more secure than the base algorithm then cost analysis would be added value.
If the security conclusion is that the new algorithm is worse security (or no better) then cost does not matter. But if the general conclusion is that it is better security, then cost analysis would be a good idea. Part of the role of "promoting" something better is to "sell" people on it by showing that the improvement in functionality is worth the increased complexity. But if it turns out the new algorithm is only "a bit" better, not "significantly" better, then an outline of a cost analysis might be a good idea to demonstrate that the new algorithm is not "value for money"
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Daniel 2023 年 2 月 2 日
I know thghis question is out MATLAB scope but I am asking this question since I am doing the implementation in MATLAB. Any way thanks Sir. It was helpfull. But I am still confused about how can I make an analysis on execution speed without considering the code efficency. I am now doing the codewith my best knowledge but someone might do better.


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John D'Errico
John D'Errico 2023 年 2 月 2 日
編集済み: John D'Errico 2023 年 2 月 2 日
This is totally inappropriate to Answers, since it has nothing to do with MATLAB. Even if MATLAB would be involved with your thesis, it is still not a question that in any way concerns MATLAB. But since Walter has provided an answer already, the question is here, so too late.
You said that the code you wrote could possibly be improved by someone else, so you do not know its inherant efficiency. So what? That enhancement would then be part of their thesis, not yours. Many of the theses written over the years end up being just improvements in some way, built on the work of others.
And as for the necessity of admitting that your ideas may have any weaknesses, that would seem important. Your thesis is not just a sales document, trying to sell your algorithm to an unsuspecting customer, as if it was a vacuum cleaner. It should discuss all aspects of what you did, not just the ones that you feel to be flattering. If there is room for improvement, then say so. Admit it.
In the end of course, you put into your thesis exactly what is required by your thesis advisor, and any committee that will review your work. That is the only requirement, and these individuals form the only arbiters of what belongs in your thesis and what does not. What we say or think is irrelevant.


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