How to avoid omitting empty items while extracting part of a structure as an array?

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For example, I have a structure
s = struct;
s(1).x = 1;
s(1).name = 'John';
s(2).name = 'Sarah'; % Sarah has no x values because of some unnoticed bug
s(3).x = 3;
s(3).name = 'Robert';
I would like know who is corresponding to "x = 3", so I tried:
1 3
answer = s([s.x].' == 3 ).name % The correct answer should be Robert
answer = 'Sarah'
The reason is that s(2).x was omitted when converting field x into an array.
Is there any way to avoid this dangerous situation?
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zhehao.nkd 2023 年 1 月 8 日
Thank you very much! Converting empty values into NaN is the key to the solution of this problem.



Cameron 2023 年 1 月 6 日
Here's one way to do it. The problem is that it will be very hard to get Sarah out of this.
for cc = 1:length(s)
if isempty(s(cc).x)
s(cc).x = NaN;
s([s.x].' == 3 ).name
another similar way is
cc = cellfun(@isempty,{s.x});
s(cc).x = NaN;
s([s.x].' == 3 ).name

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