How to use epwm block (embedded support package for TI C2000 processors) for pulse generation when the time period is dynamically changing with controller output?

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I want to generate code for PID based Voltage Control of Half bridge resonant LLC converter. The control input is switching frequency which changes with output load profile. How can I utilize the ADC, GPIO, epwm blocks of embedded coder hardware support package for hardware implementaion of the controller? Also, How can I check in real-time wheather the ADC block is able to read the output voltage feedback properly or not?


Darshan Pandit
Darshan Pandit 2022 年 12 月 6 日
Hi Karthikey,
I've answered a similar question in a post below. Request you to kindly go through it.
Also, it's possible to change switching frequency, just select "specify timer units via" setting to "Input port".
I'd recommend you to try these on oscilloscope separately, understand if it meets your requirements, compared to testing directly on the converter circuits.
For more details, see:

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