Simulink Desktop Real-Time, App Generator?

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Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith 2022 年 11 月 7 日
コメント済み: Kyle Smith 2022 年 11 月 14 日
Hello all, I am working on a simulink project that is being designed for a RT application. I read on one of these forums that Simulink Real-Time only works for for two-computer set ups (you need a target computer, along with a development computer). My application will be using a single computer for both development and deployment. For this reason, I've shifted to using Simulink Desktop Real-Time.
Basically, I am trying to make a GUI with some knobs and fields on it to be able to change certain parameters in real-time while my simulink model runs. I saw Simulink Real-Time has App Generator, but I don't see how I can do this OR something similar with Simulink Desktop Real-Time.
Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Jan Houska
Jan Houska 2022 年 11 月 10 日
Hi Kyle,
unfortunately, Simulink Desktop Real-Time does not have the capability to generate standalone applications. Models created using Simulink Desktop Real-Time can be run only from MATLAB and Simulink.
Best Regards, Jan
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Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith 2022 年 11 月 14 日
Thanks for the clarification!


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