Click button uifigure callback function

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Julien Maxime
Julien Maxime 2022 年 10 月 24 日
コメント済み: Julien Maxime 2022 年 10 月 24 日
I am trying to set a function in which I get back coordinates from a graph in my uifigure (uiaxes ax4) and plot another based on these coordinates (uiaxes ax5). The first part works very well as if I put stopper in the function I can see that coordinates are well retrieved and stored.
Still I have the following error when it passes through the squeeze command. "data" is a 3D matrix that I put as an input to my function but when I stop the function in the middle it does not seem to be imported in the workspace. What command am I missing ?
Thanks you !
" Not enough input arguments.
Error in SAGUIimagesc/ImageClickCallback (line 265)
Yaxis = squeeze(data(XcR,YcR,:));
Error while evaluating Image ButtonDownFcn."
A = imagesc(ax4, data(:,:,2));
function ImageClickCallback (objectHandle, eventData, ax5, data)
axesHandle = get(objectHandle,'Parent');
Coord = get(axesHandle,'CurrentPoint');
Xc = Coord(1,1);
Yc = Coord(1,2);
XcR = round(Xc);
YcR = round(Yc);
Xaxis = linspace(1,s(3),s(3));
Yaxis = squeeze(data(XcR,YcR,:));
plot(ax5, Xaxis, Yaxis);


Jan 2022 年 10 月 24 日
This looks strange. I do not see the reason for the error. Is this really the complete error message?
Use the debugger to check, what's going on. Type this in the command window:
dbstop if error
Then run the code again until it stops. Now check the values of the used variables:
which data
which squeeze
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Julien Maxime
Julien Maxime 2022 年 10 月 24 日
Ok so I got the error in orange:
"Warning: Error occurred while executing the listener callback for event ForceStream defined for class matlab.internal.editor.StreamOutputsSignal:
Error using matlab.internal.editor.StreamOutputsSignal.forceStream
Unexpected type in OutputPackager.packageOneOutput: UncaughtError.
Dump of evalStruct:
type: 'UncaughtError'
payload: [1×1 struct]
stack: [8×1 struct]
Payload of evalStruct:
UncaughtErrorEvent: [1×1 struct]
UncaughtErrorEvent_RequestIdAdapter: [1×1 struct]
exception: [1×1 struct]
isRecursionLimitError: 0
Error in SAGUIimagesc/ImageClickCallback (line 265)
Yaxis = squeeze(data(XcR,YcR,:));"
For the second part:
XcR = 8
YcR = 6
The issue comes when we use data:
"K>> data(XcR,YcR,:)
Not enough input arguments."
I don't know why but data is not present into the workspace. It seems to imported despire puting it in input of the function. Yet if nothing refered to data i should have another type of error. When i type "which data", it respond me "data is a variable"
Julien Maxime
Julien Maxime 2022 年 10 月 24 日
Ok I solved it. I don't really know why but actually it works if I do not import "ax5" and "data" elements. I guess they are already imported through "objectHandles".
Hoping it helps somebody one day !
Still thank you for your help.


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