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I want this equation to be solved for V

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Karl 2022 年 8 月 29 日
閉鎖済み: John D'Errico 2022 年 8 月 30 日
((R+T)-(R-V))/((T-V*0.5)/(V*0.8660254037844386)) = ((R-V)-(((R+T)/(((T-V*0.5)/(V*0.8660254037844386))+((R+T)/((R^2-((R+T)R)^2)^(1/2)))))*((R+T)/((R^2-((R+T)-R)^2)^(1/2)))))/((((((((R*2-(R-V))/(((R*2-(R-W))/ ((R^2-W^2)^(1/2)))+1.7320508075688773))*1.7320508075688773+(R-V))-(R-V))/ ((((((R*2-(R-V))/(((R*2-(R-W))/((R^2-W^2)^(1/2))) +1.7320508075688773))*1.7320508075688773+(R-V))-(R-V))/(((R*2-(R+T))/((R*2(R-W))/((R^2-W^2)^(1/2))))-((R+T)-(R-V))/(((R+T)-(R-W))/(((R*2-(R+T))/((R*2-(RW))/((R^2-W^2)^(1/2))))-(((R+T)-(R-W))/((T-V*0.5)/(V*0.8660254037844386))))))) +1.7320508075688773))*1.7320508075688773+(R-V))-(((R+T)/(((T-V*0.5)/ (V*0.8660254037844386))+((R+T)/((R^2-((R+T)-R)^2)^(1/2)))))*((R+T)/((R^2((R+T)-R)^2)^(1/2)))))/(((R-W)/((R+T)/((R^2-((R+T)-R)^2)^(1/2))))-(((((((R*2-(R-V))/ (((R*2-(R-W))/((R^2-W^2)^(1/2)))+1.7320508075688773))*1.7320508075688773+ (R-V))-(R-V))/((((((R*2-(R-V))/(((R*2-(R-W))/((R^2-W^2)^(1/2))) +1.7320508075688773))*1.7320508075688773+(R-V))-(R-V))/(((R*2-(R+T))/((R*2(R-W))/((R^2-W^2)^(1/2))))-((R+T)-(R-V))/(((R+T)-(R-W))/(((R*2-(R+T))/((R*2-(RW))/((R^2-W^2)^(1/2))))-(((R+T)-(R-W))/((T-V*0.5)/(V*0.8660254037844386))))))) +1.7320508075688773))*1.7320508075688773+(R-V))-(R-W))/(((R+T)-(R-W))/(((RW)/((R+T)/(( R^2-((R+T)-R)^2)^(1/2))))-(((R+T)-(R-V))/1.7320508075688773)))))
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John D'Errico
John D'Errico 2022 年 8 月 29 日
編集済み: John D'Errico 2022 年 8 月 29 日
I want to see world peace. Ok, lacking that, is it too much to want for a just a little Lamborghini for Xmas? Maybe just win the lottery?
The fact is, there are all sorts of things we may want, but will never happen.
If R, T, and W are unknowns (Is RW also an unknown, or do you just not understand that MATLAB does not have implicit multiplication.) Anyway, if you then want to solve for V as an algebraic function of the other unknowns, then forget it. Unless of course you happen to have skill at using a magic wand. But mathematics cannot help you here. Not all problems you can write down have a solution. In fact, it can be proven that most such problems do NOT have an algebraic solution.
Remember that your problem, even if a solution did exist, would implicitly reduce to a high order polynomial in V. And what do we know about polynomials of degree 5 or higher? There is no algebraic solution to be found for that general polynomial.
So you might want to set your sights lower. Look for a problem that may even have a solution.
If, for exmple, you happen to have values for ALL of the other parameters, then you can use a numerical solver to search for solutions. Remember there will likely be multiple solutions, and a numerical solver can search for only one at a time.

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